Birthday Behavior

It's my birthdayyyy!!!  

I'm officially 26 years old!!  My birthdays are so important to me. I make a big deal about them every year. I usually have a theme but this year I just wanted bright and blingy. 

My first outfit is my Rose Gold outfit. I wore a bandage dress, a satin duster jacket and rose gold shoes. I wore it to my pre birthday dinner. The bandage dress was stretchy and comfortable and the duster made the outfit pop. 

Bandage Dress- BooHoo, size 18, nude, $40
Trench- Missguided, size 20, pink, $80
Shoes- I.N.C, rose gold, size 9

My second outfit was for my birthday photoshoot and shopping. I wore a tutu tulle skirt and a velvet bodysuit. The skirt is from C'est Ça New York 
Tulle Skirt 
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This is my favorite skirt ever!!! I really felt like half princess/ half Carrie Bradshaw. I felt so beautiful walking down NYC streets. The skirt is so puffy and fun. It comes in different colors and sizes. It also comes in different styles. If you don't like too much puff they have ones with less puff. 


Bodysuit- ASOS, size 18, purple, $38
Shoes- ASOS, size 9, silver, $70

My third outfit is my Concert Bling Outfit. I wore a sequin black dress with pink high boot heels. I love dressing up for concerts. I really think everyone should either wear dark colors or tshirts for the performance. 
Dress-- GSlovesme, size 2x, black and silver, $50
Shoes- Just Fab, size 9, Pink, $50

My birthday was so much fun! I really love to celebrate and do different things. I really think birthdays should always be celebrated to the fullest. My favorite thing is being able to dress up and be around the people that I love. Birthdays are the best way to show the princess that I am. 

& I leave you with this... 

"Don't be into trends. Don't make fashion own you, but you decide what you are, what you want to express by the way you dress and the way to live." —Gianni Versace


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