Suede, Velvet and Satin

Trends and style are completely different things. Trends are what's popular and what is "trending" in the fashion world. Style is what you do with that information. I make the trends my own and use my own style ideas to rock it. 

Right now in fashion, companies are experimenting with different patterns and materials. I have noticed that satin and velvet are the new big thing. I decided to put them together to see how it looks!! 

Sirene is a fashion line created by a woman with a dream. She took her own style visions and created unique pieces. The first time I ever saw a satin dress was from her line. Her pieces are made directly to fit your body. She even lets you pick the color you want. She is professional, unique and one the sweetest women I know. Check her out at SireneNYC_

ASOS, Gray, $41, size 18
BooHoo, Gray, $70, size 9
SireneNYC_, blue, ask for prices 

If you have thick thighs or legs, these boots will be very tight. They are so comfortable and I can walk far in them. I recommend going up one size for comfort. 

& I leave you with this....

It's not about the size you wear.. It's about the way you wear your size 👸🏼


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