Universal Stripes

March is all about PATTERNS!!! 

I feel like there is still myth that women can't wear patterns because it makes them look bigger! First off! Whoo cares??? Don't worry about what size I look! And second! It's false!  Patterns actually take attention off certain parts and make women look brighter and more confident! Let me show you how stripes can be flattering!!!!

Universal Studios - Orlando Florida 

Picking out Outfits for vacations is so much fun! Sometimes I think I just plan vacations just to style outfits. I personally think shorts or rompers are the best way to go! You can be comfortable and still look cute. 

Overalls are back in! And they are Sooo cute!!! These stripe overalls are comfy shorts and a light Jean material. This is black stripes on white which give a wider look but still can be flattering. 
The body suit is cotton and very thin! I love boohoos bodysuits because they have all different materials but this one is too thin to wear alone!

have a crazy obsession with bedazzling things. Don't worry you will see!!! Lol I bedazzled my converses myself!

Overall shorts-- White with black stripe, size 2x, $39, Forever21.com
Off the Shoulder Body Suit-- White, size 14, $25, BooHoo.com
Converse-- white and silver, size 9, $55, journeys
Glasses- RAYBAN $300, Macy's 

Although Disney is the place to be.. Universal was fun! 

&I I leave you with this..

"Time flies wheather your having fun or not.. It's your life! The choice is yours!"


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