It's only the Beginning!

It is about time! I have been wanting to start a fashion blog for such a long time!! & here it is!!! In the past few years I have learned what I believe looks nice on my body and what I think enhances my best qualities. I want to share my experiences so that I can help women like me find outfits that bring out their confidence and make them feel like the prettiest belle at the ball! 
Sooo here it goes... My first Outfit of the week. I call this one 
"Americanized Turkey Day" 

Dress: Alice & You Feather Printed Swing Dress. $43
Tights: ASOS Plus Tights. $9
Booties: Vince Camuto. $99

Swing Dresses are a big girls best friend!! It is very comfortable and flattering. This dress runs a little big so when purchasing go for one size smaller. 
ASOS is one of my favorite online stores to shop!!! I wish there was a store!!! ASOS prices go up and down. Sometimes it's way to expensive but students get 10% discount!!!!!

I decided to wear a feather dress on "Americanized turkey day" because I truly believe thanksgiving should be a National Day of Atonement to acknowledge the genocide of indigenous people. I believe the feathers represent the different tribes. Okay back to business lol This blog is not about my political and social opinions!! 

Control top tights are perfect for dresses and skirts because it gives a smoother look and holds everything in space without having to wear a girdle. 

The booties: they are perfect for the fall!! I have booties in every color!!! The thick heel is good for women my size because it gives us more support and is way more comfortable than thinner heels! These beige and gold booties are good for the holidays because they go with all festive colors!

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