A plus size brides journey to her big day...

The bridal industry is expensive and very straight sized!!  I am a woman who loves to dress up. As soon as I got engaged, one of my first thoughts were "What am I going to wear to my bridal events?" It has gotten easy over the years to find dresses and plus size clothes but if I look for something very specific it gets really hard. 

The first dress that i searched for was my bridal shower dress. For years, I knew the exact dress that I wanted. I googled "long sleeve white high low dress" I found nothing!!!

A friend of mine told me to check out all of the prom stores. I realized that prom sizes are junior sizes. I sympathized for plus size high school girls because the selection was embarrassing. 

I found so many different style dresses for straight size women that I really started contemplating buying two of them and having someone make one from the two pieces. I know how crazy it sounds but I was determined to wear that style and no one was going to stop me!!!

After months of searching, I decided the only option was to get a custom made gown. I searched the hashtag #custommadenyc and I must have written to 10 companies. Some were down to make it but as soon as I said my size they disappeared. Others, doubled the price and I would have still had to buy my own fabric. I finally met an amazing designer. She's a fashion student and was so enthusiastic to create my dream dress. She even went shopping with me for hours to find the perfect fabric. She took her time to have multiple fittings with me to make sure I was satisfied. It was an amazing experience and I highly recommend her for your special day!!! Check out her Instagram at 

I've had so many people ask me "Don't you want to lose weight so you can fit your wedding dress?" At first, I was scared. How am I going to fit a size 10 in less than a year... but then I thought to myself.  I am getting a dress to fit my body.. not the other way around!!!!

My first step was to google "plus size wedding dresses" honestly, the only thing that came up was David's bridal and other small online stores. The online stores that popped up were international websites that are SCAMS!!! Please don't ever buy a dress from TB Dress!!! They sent me the cheapest looking dress and it was 3 sizes too small.

Davids bridal seemed like my only choice, I wrote to Denise Bidot because I know she has modeled for wedding dresses before. She even suggested David's bridal. David's bridal has a nice selection of plus size wedding dresses. They even have a whole catalog dedicated to plus size women dresses. I feel like it is one of our only stores that dedicate to helping us look beautiful on our special day. Although they have amazing dresses, I just didn't find exactly what I was looking for. Here are some of my runner up dresses that I would of wore if I didn’t find what I was looking for.

I really wanted an Allure dress and David's bridal didn't have them. So the search was still on.. 

As everyone knows I am a Disney fanatic, It is kind of an obsession. I searched "Disney wedding dress" and RK bridal's website came up. RK bridal has a huge selection of plus size dresses. Not only do they have a selection online, a lot of the brands go up to size 30. They have a Disney collection for all my Disney princesses out there. RK Bridal is great for all brides and the attendants were so helpful!!! They found exactly what I was looking for and even let me try on the straight size so I can see how mine would fit. The best part about my experience was the alteration lady. She had the best patience I've ever seen. Not once did she complain, She fitted the dress exactly how I wanted it and made sure I was comfortable and satisfied. She even said "I am going to make this dress fit your curves as if it was painted on"  

Being a full figured woman, i always thought looking for a dress would be harder. A lot of brands are opening their eyes and realizing that women come in all shapes and sizes. They are creating flattering dresses for women and extending sizes so that we don't just have a small selection to chose from. Its a whole new world, full of possibilities. Although society is still straight sized, we are breaking barriers and stereotypes every day.

Although I purchased my dress already, I have seen some amazing stores that have beautiful dresses designed for plus size women. 

Check them out:

There’s also this amazing new UK TLC show opportunity for plus size brides coming out. I wish I would have found out about it sooner because I would have loved to be on the show. Check them out on their Instagram at Plus_Sized_Brides_Show

Growing up a plus size woman I never thought I would be getting married. Not because I thought no one would love me but I just didn't see myself wearing a big white dress and everyone all eyes on me! Years later, I have to say I cannot wait for my big day!!

I know I have said it many times but my size does not determine my beauty!! No matter what size I am my beauty remains the same. For all the future brides out there.. don't settle for anything less than what you deserve. Don't buy a dress just because it fits.. buy the dress of your dreams! Don't give up on finding love.. the right person will come around and show you why it never worked out with anyone else. Your soulmate will come and give you all the unconditional love you deserve!! But first.... give it to yourself!!! Wear that dress you've always wanted!! Rock that crop top!! Show off those legs!!!! Don't let anyone tell you that you are too big or too small! Be the version for you that you are most comfortable in!! 

  I promise to post more pictures on my Instagram, you can follow me at Loralyee. Stay tuned for pictures of my actual wedding dress and details of my big day!!!


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