A Year long Honeymoon!

Married life is full of adventure!

My husband and i have decided for our first year of marriage that we want to go on a trip every month. I want to share my experiences with you all so that you can enjoy it too!

We got married in March.. since then we have been on a trip every month.

Emerson Resort and Spa-- Catskills, New York

Emerson Resort and spa is located in Catskills New York, it was about a 3 hour drive from the city. It was beautiful! We had a two floor cabin right next to the lake! If you like nature, this is the perfect getaway! if you like a relaxing spa day with your love, or want to take a dip in the lake this is a spot for you!!!  It was a quiet resort about 20 mins away from Woodstock. We enjoyed the small shops and enjoyed a cupcake from Peace, Love and Cupcakes! So delicious!! I highly recommend taking a trip!! You also have to try the Phoenicia Diner! the food is amazing!!!!

Toronto Canada

Every time i visit Toronto, i always say its the clean NY! It is so beautiful and clean! we stood at this amazing hotel called Omni King. It was so royal! the staff was friendly, and they were great with directions and recommendations.
In Toronto we took a trip to the aquarium, took a walk to China Town and enjoyed the different malls.

We ate at the 360 restaurant which was breathtaking!! very expensive and the food was very small portions but the view was totally worth it!!!

Cancun Mexico
Sunpalace Resort and Spa

Sun Palace was a perfect resort for us. It was very quiet and away from all the party goers. If you are a party person and love to be around a lot of people. SUN Palace is not for you!!!
It is a breathtaking Couples only resort. They had 4 restaurants to chose from and give us a $750 resort credit. They even have a outside covered pool for the rain!!

Everyone was really nice and the breakfast was one of the bests we have ever had.

While in Cancun, we went to Xcaret park. If you are a adventurous person who loves swimming, then it is the park for you! They have Dolphins, Flamingos, and tropical birds. They also had snorkeling, swimming with the dolphins and many more adventures.

Cancun was beautiful and we will def be going again!!

Stay tuned for our next adventures!!!!!


My Summer Survivor Necessities

Summer is my least favorite season! I hate sweating and i cant stand the feeling of being hot!

For a long time, i would hibernate in the summer and hide home until it got cooler. I realized that life is too short to put my life on hold for a whole season. I have found tricks and necessities to survive a Summer especially in NYC

Here are my top 10 tricks and necessities:

1) Take a day trip-
Go to a water park in the area. It is a great way to have fun and stay cool. 
In the NY area i would recommend the following:

Splish Splash Water Park
Hurricane Harbor
Wet and Wild
The Beast Speed Boat Ride
Sojo Spa in New Jersey

2) Cooling Portable fan- A portable fan can be very helpful on hot days. Amazon has a lot of great options to chose from. 

This one charges with a USB from your phone, has 3 speeds and can spray water. 

3) Anti Chafing solutions

Chafing is so horrible for women in the summer. It stops us from walking around and can be very painful. Mega Babe is a Anti Chafing Stick that really works!!! I do not leave the house without using it!! 

Another fashionable option is Bandelettes. They are Thigh Bands that are designed to stay put and provide protection against chafing. They come in different colors and sizes! i love my nude ones because i can wear them under dresses all summer long!

4) Weekend escapes-

Traveling during the summer is my favorite thing to do. I like to go to tropical beaches and pools to relax. I would rather be in the Caribbean at 90 then to be in hot NY.  Traveling somewhere for the weekend can distract your mind and help you relax. One of the main reasons i get through the summer i because i am able to get away and have a change of scenery for a while. Stay tuned for my favorite weekend getaways!!

5) Weekly Movies- My Husband and i love going to the movies. It's our thing! Every Saturday morning we catch a movie at our movie theater. There's comfortable love seats and since its the morning, it is half priced tickets. Support your favorite actors and enjoy a movie on the big screen!!

6)Via- Via cab ride is $5 a ride. They also have unlimited weekly ride for $63. Trains in NYC are a headache! it is Way to hot on the platform and the trains are too crowded. Taking a cab for $5 can make your day easier and more relaxing. I use VIA Everyday!! USE MY CODE lori6s8 for two free rides!!!!

7) Changing 3 times a day-- Changing 3 times a day gives you the opportunity to feel refreshed. I keep a change of clothes with me everywhere i go! There's something about wearing fresh clothes that makes me feel more comfortable

8) Making plans places with air conditioner-  You can still enjoy the summer indoors. Pick places that are comfortable, where you can enjoy your friends and still be happy. 

Try Minus5 Ice Experience. You can still have fun with your friends and feel cool while doing it!

9) Pick a new ice cream place to try every weekend- I got this good idea from my sister and good friend Ruth. NY has so many ice cream and frozen yogurt shops. If you google ice cream in your zip code you will find some amazing options. 

Some of my favorites are:

Check out this Eater article with more options

10)  Tinted Moisturizer- I use a moisturizer to keep a even tan and i love it!

I don't tan in the summer. If i go to the beach i like to go in the water, i am not the kind of person who lays for hours waiting for a tan. 

Octoly has gifted me Jerkins Natural Glow Wet Skin Moisturizer. It helps my skin stay hydrated as well as help me keep a natural tan all summer long. The best part about it is that you can put it on right after the shower. The mixture of the wet skin can help spread it evenly. 

Stay busy! 

The summer is hard for me because i used to count down the days until September. If i stay busy and plan something every weekend the time goes by faster. Hit up your friends you have been too busy to see.  Try to plan something exciting to do at least once a week! Enjoy your life! Don't let a hot season stop you from living! 

Girls its hot! Where whatever the hell you want!!! If it is 100 degrees don't go outside in jeans and a sweater because you are scared of what people will think! you look good in a dress believe me!! Find a pair of shorts or a romper that makes you comfortable and rock it!!!!  You will see me wearing the least amount of clothes possible.. and i dare people to stare!!!

Enjoy the summer Ladies and Gents!


A Letter to the Hypocrites...

There is something that I have to get off my chest that has been annoying me for a while. Some people might get upset but this is my opinion and I'm sure others agree....

Scrolling through my Instagram feed and I see hypocrites preaching one thing but meaning another.

You cannot promote body positive one day and the next day promote losing fat to be skinny.

There is a huge difference between losing weight for health and losing weight to fit in to societies definition of "skinny being beautiful."

I agree that working out once in a while and eating healthy are important for our bodies and our health. BUT, it isn't our whole worlds purpose.

How can you comment on our pictures, telling us how beautiful we are but then slip into our messages trying to sell us weight loss products?

Please learn the difference! I realized being in this industry for a year, that they are more judgmental then those who are on the outside.

They say...

You can be fat.. but not too fat
You can be yourself.. just not like that
You can have curves but only in your boobs and your butt

All women who are plus size have fat everywhere! Not all plus size women have big butts and tits.

The Body Positive movement is to spread awareness to all women and men !!! All women and men who feel like they aren't good enough when they are.

Women who have been told to change something on their bodies to "fit in".

Stop using your platform as a model, or blogger to sell weight loss drugs or products to women who are trying to accept their bodies for what they are. I know it sounds harsh but you are being a sell out! Cant you see they are using your platform in our industry to promote for their weight loss industry?

All your doing is slipping in the cracks of the wall we are trying to put up from the diet industry!!!

Your trying to fit in as one of us.. but push us down as soon as your here. You cant have your foot in the door of our world and the rest of you in societies black whole of denial.

I wonder if you are just stuck in the middle....

 One part of you wants to love your body and show it off. The other part of you is being dragged down by society. You want to be liberated and love yourself but your still letting society control you!

You have one foot in the door of confidence but they are dragging you down to their level.

You are on this journey of self love and acceptance but you hear the whispers of the other side telling you to lose weight and sell that false dream to us.

DON'T LET THEM WIN! Don't let them bring you back to the dark side! More important, stop trying to take us down with you!

Some brands are the blame too and are hypocrites!

Stop letting skinny girls model your clothes!!All your doing is giving us false hope.

The hidden message i see is.. "Wear this so you can look like us". We don't want to look like that.. We want people who represent us!

Stop separating the plus size category with the women category and make clothes fit from a size small-4x.

Stop reposting and promoting girls who are a size 10 and representing them as a plus size woman.

Can't you see.. We want to see women who look like us!

There is so many things I can say, but it is going to take more than words to shape our culture. We have to support those who support us! There's room in this big world for all of us! We have to shop at stores that represent us. Support movements that make a difference. Stop body shaming other women. If we continue to tare each other down, we will never get anywhere. SAY HOW YOU FEEL! i have been so scared for too long to let my feelings out! The TIME IS NOW!

A letter to hypocrites is the first of many letters to people who aren't on our side. Stay tuned for more!!

I had to get it off my chest.. my blogging isn't just about the fancy clothes i wear or places i go. Its time to say how i feel!