The Happiest Place in the World.

Everyone who knows me knows that i am obsessed with everything Disney. I have been going to Disney World since i was old enough to walk. My family and go at least two times a year. I even got engaged there; which was one of the best days of my life!! My husband planned a weekend getaway for us. He even planned a meet and greet with the first love of my life MICKEY!

I can go for hours talking about my perfect engagement, but this post is going to be about the top 10 things to do or try at Disney Parks and World.

1. Take a tour of the resorts
Disney World has many themed resorts and hotels. Disney offers a timeshare called Disney's Vacation Club. Even if you don't buy a timeshare, you can still stay at the wonderful resorts. My top favorites are:
Disney's Animal Kingdom Lodge
  •  Live animals in the backyard
  • One of the newest resorts
  • A lodge feeling

Disney's Polynesian Villas & Bungalows
  • Hawaiian vibe
  • You can stay in Bungalows

The first one i ever stayed at and will always be my favorite is:
Disney's Old Key West Resort
  • A island with shimmering waterways 
  • A boat ride away from Disney Springs

2. Collect and Trade Pins at the parks!
Ever since i was a child, i collected and traded pins with the cast members. You can purchase a start up lanyard and pins from any store. The way that it works is that you ask a cast member to trade for the one that you want, and they have to give it to you. A new fun trick is that the cast members have secret pins that are backwards and you can trade and you wont find out until after.

The last time i went i collected only Princesses and my husband collected Villains.

3. Disney's Springs ( True Disney fans remember this as Downtown Disney)
 Disney springs is like a outside mall to hang out and shop. Growing up, it was known as downtown Disney. Most of the stores were Disney and they had a lot of cool Disney themed stores and restaurants it was alot of fun. The vibe has changed, it is more like a mall with outside stores. It is still very beautiful. I still highly recommend checking it out.

A fun thing that hasn't changed is the Amphicars
The Boathouse that has 1960s-era amphicars—vintage cars that also float like boats. TRY IT!!!

4.Epcot’s Flavors of Club Cool 

 This was a hidden gem for a while until everyone starting talking about it. It is awesome. They have flavors of soda from around the world. It is a must try!!
One of my favorites is
VegitaBeta – It is a Japanese beverage combining apricot and passion fruit flavors.

5. Dole Whip Ice Cream Float

A Disney exclusive! it is so amazing! it is Pineapple Ice cream and Pineapple juice! It is a unique taste and the line for it is always long  but def worth trying!! They have it at Magic Kingdom, and at Animal Kingdom you can try it with RUM!

6.  Don't miss out!! Stay for the night shows 
Disney's Hollywood Studios has a wonderful show at night called Fantasmic! it is still my favorite! it is so magical!

Rivers of Light in Animal Kingdom!!

Disney is known for its firework shows!All the parks has special shows at night! Please check the schedules when you get there and don't miss out on them!!!!

7.  Tomorrow Lands- SPACE MOUNTAIN
Take a ride into SPACE!
My favorite ride!!!! No matter when i go, and how long the line is, i will wait to go on Space Mountain. It is a dark roller coaster and it will always be my favorite!!!

8. Be Our Guest Restaurant
 Take a trip inside the Beauty and the Beast movie, and dine at one at their hall.

Once you plan your trip to Disney, get reservations to Be Our Guest! it is the best place to eat at Magic Kingdom but it is very hard to get reservations.

9. Mail a Coconut
You can mail out a coconut to anywhere in the US!!! how amazing and unique is that?

The coconuts are sold in 3 locations around the resort, at Plaza del Sol Caribe Bazaar (Pirates of the Caribbean attraction's gift shop in Magic Kingdom), Calypso Trading Post at Disney's Caribbean Beach Resort, and at Boutiki, Disney's Poynesian Village Resort's gift shop.

10.Disney's Animal Kingdom PANDORA- The World of Avatar 
So i saved the best for last!! Ladies and Gents.. i was blown away! At night it is a beautiful river of lights. In the day time you can see the floating cities! I am so impressed by how amazing Disney made this park!
The two rides are just as fantastic but my favorite is the "Avatar flight of Passage" it feels so realistic! it is a 3D flying experience. I really felt like i was flying a Bangshee!

 The food is unique and colorful. Make sure you try the "Pongu Pongu" drinks. They have different flavors but my favorite is the "bioluminescent" frozen cocktail. YUMM!!

  People always tell me... "Disney Is For Kids". Reality is Disney is so magical and filled with so many things to do that i really feel like adults have more fun! 

My mother used to always say " Nobody treats you better than the mouse" it is soooo true!! the hospitality and customer service at Disney World parks is beyond amazing! Everyone goes along with the stories and really takes imagination to a whole different level. I will forever love Disney and i cannot wait to go to the other parks around the world! 

Disney world requires a lot of walking. It is always hot, and you will be standing around all day. As a big girl, the summer and i are not best friends. I would highly recommend dressing comfortable with light clothing. I always wear a romper for animal kingdom because its the most walking. Magic kingdom i dress up because that's where you will take the most pictures. I always wear a nice dress, and bring a change of clothes. Wear comfortable walking shoes as well, i recommend skippies or converse.

Torrid has a whole collection of Plus Size Disney clothes to chose from for your trips. I had over 10 women stop me and ask me where i got my dress from. I felt a kind of satisfaction when i told them that they only make it in plus size. It felt so good to be on the other side. I get so tired of asking people where they get their clothes from and finding out it only goes to a size Large. They have all different characters and themes!

 Check out Torrid:

For my Disney lovers, Check out this amazing young artist that makes custom Disney shoes, shirts, and bags on ETSY. He made me a pair of Mickey and a pair of Stitch shoes!!

I felt so sad to leave... I feel like Disney World is my serenity. I will be back soon and i have a exciting project to share.


NYC Brunch

I am so excited to share this new project with everyone!!! I've wanted to do it for so long but I have been waiting for my website to launch!!! If I wait that long I'll lose out on so many ideas! 

On Sundays we brunch is a new project where I will be sharing my favorite brunch places in NYC.. because brunch is always a good idea!!!

For those who don't know what brunch is.. it is a mixture of breakfast and lunch! It has become very popular and almost every restaurant offers a brunch menu! 

Brunch is the best way to catch up with friends, go on a fun date with your partner or celebrate a special occasion! Although there are so many options in NYC... not every brunch place is for everyone. Some places have loud music and unlimited drinks and are good for the young crowd and other places are good for kids and families. 

With this project I will do lots of fun research and find the best places for brunch and tell you what to wear...!! 

Harlem Tavern (Upper West Side/Harlem)
Harlem Tavern Website

The first thing i loved about Harlem Tavern is the Live Jazz during brunch. The waitress was very nice and the service was fast.

I went with my sorority sisters so we had a set menu with 5 options. I recommend the Cornflake Crusted French Toast. It was delicious and fresh. The drinks are perfect as well, the mimosa is more champagne then juice.. the right way lol. They have a set price of $14.95 for brunch and a drink. It is a great place to go with a group of people. If you don't like the sun in your face i recommend sitting inside, but both are really nice.

My Brunch Outfit-- (With Links)

White Ripped Jeans-  Forever 21 Plus, Size US 18, $32
Forever 21 Distressed Jeans
Sheer Floral Top- AGACI, Size 2x, $25
Sheer Tunic
White Handbag- Paul's Boutique, White, $108
Pauls Boutique
Rose Gold Flats-  AGACI, Size 9, Rose Gold, $15
Rose Gold Flats


Pietro Nolita- SOHO
Pietro Nolita Website

OMG!! PINK LOVERS!! You are going to go CRAZYYYY!!!!!

There is a ALL PINK Restaurant in NYC!! 

From the Decor, to the bathroom, even the food!

I was so in Awe, i didn't take many pictures but, THIS IS A MUST SEE!!!!

Pietro Nolita is a family owned Italian Restaurant. Unfortunately, you cannot make reservations, but  It is worth the wait! The owner is really nice and the service is amazing!

I recommend trying the Uovo Strapazzate Con Pesto E Patate  
which is  Scrambled eggs with green pesto, potatoes and parmigiano

 I will definitely be coming back here! It is perfect for a friends brunch!! Take all the pictures you can!!


Dress- ASOS, Boohoo Brand, Size US 20
Boohoo Off the Shoulder Pink Dress
Shoes- ASOS, PALAIS Embellishment Shoes, Rose Gold, Size 9
ASOS Embellishment Shoes

Salvation Taco- Chelsea Area

I have been looking for a long time for a nice rooftop low key bar and restaurant. I found a few, this week I am featuring Salvation Taco. It is a small two floor restaurant with a awesome rooftop! They have brunch, lunch and dinner options. Please try the Pumpkin Tres Leche, and The Fish Tacos!!!  The first floor is a colorful vibe and the rooftop is a bar vibe!  This place is perfect for a girls day brunch!!! When we went the service was very slow, so I recommend don't go if your too hungry lol. 

Here is the link to my outfit:

Black and White Mules- 
ASOS mules

Black dress- 
Gs black dress


The first one i went to a took pictures in front of is Tortaria. It is a Mexican restaurant by Union Square in Manhattan. Their moto is "Traditionally Inspired. Seasonally Driven. Locally Loved." They are a authentic Mexican restaurant with yummy margaritas! They have over 10 flavors of margaritas and they have pitcher options... YUM! I recommend the brunch burrito! It was so yummy! I recommend coming here with friends! It can get loud so I don't recommend bringing kids. It is definitely a place to go this summer!!! 

Here is their website: 
Tortaria - East Village


Here is the link to my outfit:
plus size white jeans 

Stay tuned for more of my favorite brunch places....



A plus size brides journey to her big day...

The bridal industry is expensive and very straight sized!!  I am a woman who loves to dress up. As soon as I got engaged, one of my first thoughts were "What am I going to wear to my bridal events?" It has gotten easy over the years to find dresses and plus size clothes but if I look for something very specific it gets really hard. 

The first dress that i searched for was my bridal shower dress. For years, I knew the exact dress that I wanted. I googled "long sleeve white high low dress" I found nothing!!!

A friend of mine told me to check out all of the prom stores. I realized that prom sizes are junior sizes. I sympathized for plus size high school girls because the selection was embarrassing. 

I found so many different style dresses for straight size women that I really started contemplating buying two of them and having someone make one from the two pieces. I know how crazy it sounds but I was determined to wear that style and no one was going to stop me!!!

After months of searching, I decided the only option was to get a custom made gown. I searched the hashtag #custommadenyc and I must have written to 10 companies. Some were down to make it but as soon as I said my size they disappeared. Others, doubled the price and I would have still had to buy my own fabric. I finally met an amazing designer. She's a fashion student and was so enthusiastic to create my dream dress. She even went shopping with me for hours to find the perfect fabric. She took her time to have multiple fittings with me to make sure I was satisfied. It was an amazing experience and I highly recommend her for your special day!!! Check out her Instagram at 

I've had so many people ask me "Don't you want to lose weight so you can fit your wedding dress?" At first, I was scared. How am I going to fit a size 10 in less than a year... but then I thought to myself.  I am getting a dress to fit my body.. not the other way around!!!!

My first step was to google "plus size wedding dresses" honestly, the only thing that came up was David's bridal and other small online stores. The online stores that popped up were international websites that are SCAMS!!! Please don't ever buy a dress from TB Dress!!! They sent me the cheapest looking dress and it was 3 sizes too small.

Davids bridal seemed like my only choice, I wrote to Denise Bidot because I know she has modeled for wedding dresses before. She even suggested David's bridal. David's bridal has a nice selection of plus size wedding dresses. They even have a whole catalog dedicated to plus size women dresses. I feel like it is one of our only stores that dedicate to helping us look beautiful on our special day. Although they have amazing dresses, I just didn't find exactly what I was looking for. Here are some of my runner up dresses that I would of wore if I didn’t find what I was looking for.

I really wanted an Allure dress and David's bridal didn't have them. So the search was still on.. 

As everyone knows I am a Disney fanatic, It is kind of an obsession. I searched "Disney wedding dress" and RK bridal's website came up. RK bridal has a huge selection of plus size dresses. Not only do they have a selection online, a lot of the brands go up to size 30. They have a Disney collection for all my Disney princesses out there. RK Bridal is great for all brides and the attendants were so helpful!!! They found exactly what I was looking for and even let me try on the straight size so I can see how mine would fit. The best part about my experience was the alteration lady. She had the best patience I've ever seen. Not once did she complain, She fitted the dress exactly how I wanted it and made sure I was comfortable and satisfied. She even said "I am going to make this dress fit your curves as if it was painted on"  

Being a full figured woman, i always thought looking for a dress would be harder. A lot of brands are opening their eyes and realizing that women come in all shapes and sizes. They are creating flattering dresses for women and extending sizes so that we don't just have a small selection to chose from. Its a whole new world, full of possibilities. Although society is still straight sized, we are breaking barriers and stereotypes every day.

Although I purchased my dress already, I have seen some amazing stores that have beautiful dresses designed for plus size women. 

Check them out:

There’s also this amazing new UK TLC show opportunity for plus size brides coming out. I wish I would have found out about it sooner because I would have loved to be on the show. Check them out on their Instagram at Plus_Sized_Brides_Show

Growing up a plus size woman I never thought I would be getting married. Not because I thought no one would love me but I just didn't see myself wearing a big white dress and everyone all eyes on me! Years later, I have to say I cannot wait for my big day!!

I know I have said it many times but my size does not determine my beauty!! No matter what size I am my beauty remains the same. For all the future brides out there.. don't settle for anything less than what you deserve. Don't buy a dress just because it fits.. buy the dress of your dreams! Don't give up on finding love.. the right person will come around and show you why it never worked out with anyone else. Your soulmate will come and give you all the unconditional love you deserve!! But first.... give it to yourself!!! Wear that dress you've always wanted!! Rock that crop top!! Show off those legs!!!! Don't let anyone tell you that you are too big or too small! Be the version for you that you are most comfortable in!! 

  I promise to post more pictures on my Instagram, you can follow me at Loralyee. Stay tuned for pictures of my actual wedding dress and details of my big day!!!