Roses are RED

Roses are red....!

Red has been so much fun! I realize how much red i really do own!!

Here are my favorite reds of the week!

Katy Perry has a cool shoe collection! Check out these! So CUTE!
Katy Perry Peace sneakers

 I am so obsessed with this bag!! i cant wait for it to be delivered!! I wish i could change the pins around!!

Check it out!!

 Aldo Bag

Gslovesme has this cute babydoll dress! I loved wearing it because it has a layer of tulle which makes the dress fluffy!! Use my CODE L20M for a discount!!


This week Windsorplus was launched!! i was so lucky to be one of the women to promote their new gowns!! This gown is to die for!! so lacey and romantic!!!! Check out their collection!!!

This week i made a big decision. I decided to go political. This election and the state in which our country is in now has been weighing heavy on me. Hate is a strong word to use, but i highly dislike Donald Trump, and the way he has handled things. He is ignorant, racist and a bigot. I wore a Red "Fuck Trump" hat. So many people told me it was a bad idea, and that i would lose sponsors from it.

I said, "Why would i want someone who supports trump following me anyway?"

You can get this hat at Amazon!!! Don't ever be afraid to speak your mind and express yourself!

 Red is one of my favorite colors!! It is so romantic and bright. I love it mostly because it is the color of my favoirte holidays Christmas and Valentines day! Stay tuned for next weeks color!!!



ORANGE you glad i didnt say yellow

Orange week was so much fun!! Orange is one of my favorite colors because it is the color of FALL! This summer i wanted to embrace orange as a summer color as well.

Take a look at my favorite orange fashion finds.

I wanted these boots so bad but they didn't have my size!!! So amazing!! once they restock they will be mine!!!!

Orange thigh high boots

I wish i could walk around all day in this Orange wrap dress but it is def a sexy date night dress instead. Can you believe it was only $20!!!

Orange Wrap Dress BOOHOO

I am obsessed with cross body bags!  Especially this one from Dooney and Bourke! Plus it is affordable!!

Dooney & Bourke Cross Body Bag

So did you know Orange is a color and a fruit lol!! These Orange ORANGE Citrus earrings are to die for!!! Kate Spade always has cool collections!

Citrus Earrings from Kate Spade

This weeks favorite outfit is from Debshops!! the Fit and Flare dress was such a hit!! It is sold out online but i have attached a similar one from them!!

Orange Fit and Flare Dress

Stay juicy like a Orange! Fierce like a pumpkin, and bright like a peach!

Stay tuned for next weeks color!!


Mellow Yellow

I am happy to announce Color Weeks!!!! I have always been obsessed with color cordination and matching colors.

Every holiday or birthday i ask everyone to wear the same color! Everyone who knows me personally knows how much i am obsessed with themes. I cant wait to share every week with you and take you into my colorful world!

This weeks color is YELLOW! Yellow is Bright, Daring, Loving and Full Of Sunshine!!!

I will share with you my favorite Yellow Clothing and Accessories. Some of them are on my Instagram but i have some exclusives just for my readers.. Click on the Links for purchase!!!!!

Here goes......

Torrid's Floral dress makes me feel like a beautiful sunflower.
 Torrid Floral Wrap Dress

 How cute are these Emojii kitty flats? I love them so much!!! They are on the pricey side but i would wear these out!!! lol
 Flirty Emoticon Kitty Flats

I am in love with this Flare dress by Eloquii. It is so fun and bright!! 

Puff Sleeve Fit and Flare Dress

I'm going Bananas for this That's Bananas Francis Tote from Kate Spade.. It is even on sale for half off on

Kate Spade Bananas Tote

Everyone's favorite dress of the week from my instagram is this amazing Yellow Wrap dress from Debshops, it was so comfortable and flirty! i can wear it in any season because it is a quarter sleeve. Use my discount Loralyee20 for a discount!!

Floral Wrap 

These amazing POP DIOR sunglasses!! i'm in love!! 

Dior So Real Pop Sunglasses

This yellow Skirt from ASOS is making me feel like a sexy banana lol It is so flirty and fun!! My full outfit is from ASOS!

Yellow Outfit

Shopping is my favorite hobby! Now i get to shop with a theme in mind!! 

Yellow is a daring color, most women are scared to wear it because it is so bright!! Wear it! brighten your smile!!!Remember, when life gives you lemons... Make LEMONADE!!

Stay tuned for my next color week!!!