Queen of the pumpkins

Fall is officially here...
Do you know what that means?

Apple and pumpkin picking!!! Fall festivals!!! Pumpkin spice everything!!! Fall is my favorite season!!!

The number one fall fashion favorite is Plaid!!! Once you see plaid come out you know it's about to go down!!! Lol 

My favorite plaid dress is from Charlotte Russe. They have a lot of plaid to chose from. The dress has a belt attached and is extra stretchy. It is the perfect outfit to wear apple picking. I felt like a sexy farmer lol. 


Orange is my October color! It represents pumpkins and Halloween. I got the perfect orange dress from a boutique called Chrisie Styles Boutique. It is a boutique for women and young girls. They have a variety of different style dresses. They ship very fast and the customer service is incredible. The dress that I got is a suede material. It is very stretchy and the perfect length. The leather patches on the elbows and shoulders add a spark to the dress. I highly recommend shopping there. 
The link for the website is
The Instagram is ChrisieStylesBoutique


I am the queen of pumpkins on my throne.  
Here's my silly fall poem I wrote lol 
Fall makes me so happy!! The smell of pumpkin in the air.. The layers you get to wear. I am the queen of fall.. The cutest of them all  

And the leave you with this...

Can you sing with all the voices of the mountain? 🍂🍁 Can you paint with all the colors of the wind 🍃


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