Goodbye Summer Hello Fall

I Hate The Summer!!! I can't wait for it to be officially over. The best way to introduce the fall is to add a layer. You can still show some skin, just add a jacket or some sleeves. The best way I transition into the fall is I throw on a jacket or I start wearing leggings. 

My first outfit is inspired by Ashely Nell Tipton. 
Ashley is one of my role models. She is the winner of Project Runway and a true diva. She recently launched her clothing line in Jcpenny. Her whole line screams my name lol. It's full of sequins, patterns and fun skater skirts. My favorite things!!! Because I love how fun and colorful she is I decided to shoot in a colorful seaglass carousel in battery park city. 
Jacket- size 2x black and white, $75, jcpenny
Skirt-- Jcpenny, size 2x, black and red lipstick print, $30 



 My second outfit is from one of my new favorite brands RebDolls. They are my favorite because they don't separate sizes. All the clothes are from a small to a 5x. How amazing is that? I hate having to shop in a separate "plus size section" why are we segregated?!!! Rebdolls gets 1000 points for being rational!! 


I love leggings. I can live in them all year round!! I also have about 10 denim shirts but I love this one because it feels like a guys thicker shirt.


Shirt-- denim, size 2x, Reb Dolls, $30

Leggings- olive green, size 1x, $20, Reb Dolls

And I leave you with this... 

Love the trees until their leaves fall off, then encourage them to try again next year


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