CurvyCon 2016

This weekend was one of the most inspirational weekends of my life. I was surrounded by remarkable women full of love and confidence. I truly left with a smile on my face and 100 ideas on how I can make my blog better. I really wish every day was as beautiful as this weekend. Everyone had a reason to be there! Their stories and experiences made me remember that I'm not alone. As women we are forced to believe that we should look and act a certain way. None of us fit into that mold! I learned that we have to be sincere with who we are and don't be scared to show the world!!! So my goal is to make my blog bigger and better!! Be ready!!!! 

When I go out I never get scared that someone is going to wear the same thing as me because I am usually the only plus size girl in my group of friends. For curvy con I was so scared so I had a stylist hook me up with two amazing outfits!!!!

The first night of curvy con was a VIP only party. I wore a low cut gray skater dress!! I wore it with a long feather chain and pink floral shoes. I loved my outfit because it was color pop and because no one wore anything similar! Skater dresses are my favorite because they make me feel like a princess!!  

Dress- Sirenenyc_ (Instagram), $60, gray, 
Shoes- ASOS, Pink,$80
Necklace- forever 21, silver, $30

The second day I wore a metallic blue bodysuit and a navy blue skater skirt with lace up pink flats. The bodysuit was so comfortable! I had a lot of people say I looked like Wonder Woman! It was def a statement maker! I wanted to be bold. I was inspired by Wonder Woman! All women are superheroes!

Bodysuit- Sirenenyc_ (Instagram), $40, royal blue
Skirt- Forever 21, Navy Blue, $30
Shoes- lola shoetique, Pink,$50

Remember ladies you can never be overly dressed!
Love, Rock, Fierce, Slay, Swag and be curvy!


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