It's never too cold to be fly!

Don't let this weather stop you from being beautiful!!!! There's so many ways to stay warm and still slay! 

This week's outfit will show that the winter is not for hibernation!! It is the best season for fashion!!!

This outfit shows a part of my obsession lol. I have this new obsession with wearing shades of the same color together. I know not a lot of people would agree but... It's my blog lol my fashion show!!
The whole outfit is so comfortable and the layers help me stay warm!! The coat and the leather skirt are fake!! I wanted the bougie look without harming animals! I love the look because everything blends well and the skirt is long enough to cover my legs when it gets too cold! Although the fur isn't real it is warm and comfy!!

Fur coat-- Rue 21, burgundy, size 16, $40, runs big

Leather skirt- Forever 21 plus, burgundy/red with a flash, size 2x, $22.90

Turtleneck tee- H&M, black, $10, size large 

Lace up boots- shoe dazzle, black, size 9, $50

Stay warm and beautiful!!!

and I leave you with this...

"I think that I am too warm to negatively judge individuals, yet I am cold enough to negatively judge humanity."


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