Vacation Wear

Lately I have been going on a lot of vacations. I like to change scenery and experience new things. I also like to wear new outfits and style them according to where I am. For instance, when I went to New Orleans I styled a jazzy outfit and inspired my outfits by BeyoncĂ©'s formation video. 

 For Florida I wanted to have fun outfits because Orlando is a fun and playful place. For my night outfit I wore a 2 piece skirt set. I got so many compliments. It was so comfortable and fun. The skirt was the perfect length and the shirt didn't roll up like a lot of crop tops I have. I love off the shoulder looks. This piece is from REBDOLLS. OMG let me tell you why I love them!!!! First, they mix all their sizes together. There isn't a plus size section. They have from small to 5x. How amazing right? I'm so tired of having to shop at a separate section. Why not just extend the sizes?!
Secondly, I love the materials. They tell you if it's light, medium, or heavy. Which helps us decide if we want to wear it in the summer or winter. And thirdly, they have REAL women modeling their clothes! People from all shapes and sizes so it helps us see what it really looks like on. 
The only thing I would say is that they sell out very fast!!! So if you see something grab it right away!! 
Last but not least, I wore it to Disney and the flowers make it look like hidden mickeys!!! 
Rebdolls is my new favorite!!


Set-- Reb Dolls, size 2x, $50, Yellow and Blue 
Shoes- Steve Madden, $30, beige

For pool and beach wear my go to is SwimSuit For All!!
They have amazing collections from bloggers, models and designers. From different sizes and styles and stuff is always on sale. 
This particular style is from Gabi Fresh who is an amazing blogger! Flamingos are my new favorite print for the summer so I have been dying for a dress or bathing suit and she answered my prayers. This suit is a high waist 2 piece. I didn't feel comfortable yet showing a full body picture. I am not there yet in my journey but as you can see from the picture it is so cute. The material was great too. It didn't roll down or move!! Check out the collections!! The coverup is from SireneNYC she can make it in any color and shape to your size. My fun glasses are from Amazon. 

Suit-- swimsuitforall, $60, size 18, pink and green 
Coverup-- white, sirene, Check my Instagram for her link, $40

Vacation outfits are so much fun!!
Here is a list of things I always bring
  • 3 suits because they take a while to dry
  • Bathing suit cover
  • A pair of comfortable walking shoes
  • A fancy dress for night out
  • Extra underwear
  • Pjs
  • Heels for pictures lol
  • Day outfit usually a romper or shorts and tee
  • Black outfit because every vacation needs a black night out 

Vacations are always fun but the best part is making memories that last forever. No matter what happens traveling gives you a story to tell. 


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