Perfect Wedding Guest

Wedding season is approaching! A lot of girls have been asking me what do you wear to a wedding?! Its hard to pick wedding guest dresses because there's a lot of colors you can't wear. STAY AWAY from WHITE!!! It is the number one rule in wedding attire! 

If you are close to the bride ask what her colors are. You want to stay away from those colors and not blend into the bridal party. 
You also want to know the destination of the wedding. If it is a beach wedding you want to get a nice flowy dress or a short cute one. If it is a church wedding you want to cover up a little more with a nice kimono or blazer.  The wedding I went to was a nice by the water fun wedding.

I wore a nice sheer black and nude long dress. The summer breeze made the dress so flowy with a romantic feel. I got many compliments and very comfortable. The dress was stretchy enough to dance and long enough to show my shoes. For shoes I wore a rose gold pump. It made the dress pop more and the pumps were so comfortable to dance in. These shoes are officially my "black tie shoes". 

Dress--City Chic, Macys, $110, size small (size 18), black and beige 
Shoes- rose gold, $100, I.N.C, Macys 

If you want to go with a more fun summer look you can go with a nice skater dress! Skater dresses have been my go-to. They are so comfortable and fun to play. This yellow dress is very cute and summery and perfect for a outdoor wedding. The dress was too short for me to wear to the wedding but it's still cute for a wedding rehearsal dinner or bridal shower. 

put it together with a pair of chunky heel sandals that are very comfortable and perfect for a wedding. The color is perfect because it is a neutral color. Yellow is summery and the lace makes it very elegant! Have you ever saw a dress and needed it so bad that you went everywhere to find it?? That's how I felt about this dress. It was sold out everywhere and I needed it!! The colors of the outfit went so well. I love the way yellow and blue look together!

Dress- forever 21, $40,yellow lace, size 2x
Shoes- Justfab, $40, Navy Blue, size 9

This summer has been a little hard for me because my scar is very new and bright red still. I have been very insecure about it. I'm still learning how to embrace it. My photographer caught me looking at myself and I realized I forgot all about the scar and I was in a moment of loving myself. 

I am a survivor and I have to embrace myself and be grateful that I am alive! So my advice to you is to make your flaws the #1 thing you love about yourself. 


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