Shine bright and Sparkle

Don't ever let anyone dull your sparkle!!!

I loveee sequins,diamonds, and rhinestones. I wish I could bedazzle my whole wardrobe lol. 

Everyone knows I am a princess, and in this dress, that's exactly what I felt like! I wore this outfit to a sorority banquet. I wanted it to do be Hollywood glam. The color scheme I used was gold and orange. 

I find it very hard for women to find nice gowns. Either they are too expensive or they don't fit right. RENT THE RUNWAY is like our century's fairy god mother. They always hook me up! They send 2 sizes and you can rent it for about 4 days. 

My dress was a hit! My sisters called me a goddess, a princess, and Marilyn Monroe. I really felt like all of that in this dress. I highly recommend this dress if you want to feel on top of the world. I felt like we all looked like goddesses and I am so lucky to have such beautiful women in my life. 

The dress is a gold sequin ball gown. It was off the shoulder and long enough so my shoes show. The only thing that I recommended is to not wear it in the summer. The dress is thick and will make you sweat. 

Dress- gold sequins, Rent The Runway, size 18, $120 (for rental) $1000 to buy. 
Shoes- Rose Gold, INC, $150, MACYS
Bag- orange,, $50

& I leave you with this....

When you sparkle, you inspire everyone around you. So never let anyone dull your sparkle. Sparkle more and shine bright. 


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