R.E.A.L Realistically Embracing All Ladies

Realistically Embracing All Ladies

REAL is a organization I started 4 years ago to help women find self confidence and love for themselves. 

It felt great to know I left a legacy behind 
I had the pleasure of coming back and being apart of the fashion show. 

All women have insecurities and all women are beautiful no matter what the size.

The only way we can change society is for us to change our view on beauty! Beauty comes in difference shapes, sizes, colors, ethnicities!! Embrace it!!!
We all need to love ourselves and take control of our bodies

My top is actually a dress that I tucked in. I call this my lucky dress because I met my fiancé in it. It's navy blue and gray tye dye

The skirt has two layers which make it have a illusion. It's very comfortable and can be great for work and play. 

My shoes were the main attraction!!! Very comfortable and the laces stood in place!!

Dress- H&M, size Large, $30, gray and blue.
Skirt- Forever 21, Navy Blue, $40
Shoes- UrbanOG, Yellow, size 9, $50
Choker- Clare's, $20

& I leave you with this...

If you love the way you look that much... You should go and love yourself....


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