Stupid Cupid

"Growing up I thought Cupid was stupid...only two loves my family and music.."

Valentine's Day is the day of LOVE.. not only love for our spouses but most important LOVING OURSELVES!!!!

I wear the colors of the holiday for every holiday. I love themes!! Pink and red are the colors of Valentine's Day!! So that's my color scheme for this post! 

Everyone knows I'm a pretty princess, and this tulle skirt just proves it!! This skirt is a princess necessity! It's so comfortable and has enough layers so that it is not see through. It goes up to the knee. I wish it was a little shorter but it went perfect with my outfit idea!

I usually hate crop tops because they are too short but this crop top is long enough to go with a high skirt. The color is a light pink and it has lace on the sides. It's perfect for any season!

The shoes were the main attraction!! The studs make the shoes stand out and the color is so bright and beautiful. They are not made for walking far but they are perfect for dressy outfits! 

For this shoot I had an amazing Photographer Jay Espy!!!  His website is

Tulle Skirt-- Charlotte Russe, Bright red, $20, size 1x,
crop top--, light pink, size large, $25
Studded Shoes-- "WANDA" shoe dazzle, $39.95, red and silver studs, size 9

Loving yourself first is so important!! I truly believe that a woman just be her own first love. The best way to love yourself is to spoil yourself. With fancy things, love, and all things that make you happy! 

The way you treat yourself, sets the tone for how others are going to treat you. 

& I leave you with this....

"It sounds like a cliche but I learned that you're not going to fall for the right person until you really love yourself and feel good about how you are 100%"


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