Baby it's cold outside..

It's finally winter!! 

Which means it's finally time for cute coats and big sweaters!!! 

Winter is my favorite season because I love layering up and something about the cold air makes me sooo happy!!! 

I have all kinds of coats and jackets. There are different coats for different occasions and outfits. For example, 
I wear leather jackets for night outings, and trench coats for the rain. I love to wear pea coats for when I want to feel like a princess and dress up. 

There are many type of pea coats but I think that the princess flair pea coats are more flattering for plus size women! 

Princess flair pea coat- 
Beige with brown leather trim
Steve Madden, $150, Burlington coat Factory, Size 2X 

This coat is very classy for dressy days or nights, it covers the neck, so you don't have to wear a scarf with it. It runs large on me so I would recommend one size smaller. The flair makes it very flattering and looks amazing with dresses. 

For this particular outfit, I decided to wear the pea coat because it made the outfit more dressy. 

noticed that this season poncho sweaters are very in style!! There are many types of them. Some have sleeves, some have holes to put your arms through and some go over the body and cover your arms. I have all three and I noticed the ones that make me the most comfortable and warm are those that have sleeves!!

Sweater Poncho- Forever 21 Plus, $29 Dark Orange,, Size XL

Black HighWaist Jeans- Charlotte Russe Plus $25,, size 16

Brown Booties- DSW, $65, Brown with gold trim, Size 8.5

The poncho sweater is so comfortable and warm! It is too short to wear with leggings, it fits better with high waist pants. The color is bright and it is true to size. 

I find it very hard to find high waist pants that I like!! I searched for a long time for the perfect ones and I found them!! 
They are very stretchy and the top part gives a flat look. They are high enough to wear a crop top!! 

The brown booties are perfect to wear with earth tones, they are very low, so I only recommend wearing them in the fall or spring. 

The outfit all together looks very nice together because all of the colors blend well and it is a comfortable and warm winter outfit!! 

This outfit is just a normal winter day outfit, it isn't glamorous but in it I feel beautiful. Every woman should feel beautiful in anything she wears!!! 

 I leave you with this...

"As the days get colder, let our hearts get warmer by feeling for others"
Stay tuned...


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