All Pink Everything

I am truly obsessed with PINK!! It is the color of my soul!!! For my 25th birthday this year, I went pink crazy!!! Lol my whole weekend was pink everything!! I even made everyone around me wear pink!!! 
For this post I am going to do a throwback!! Later on I will do a new post of my new pink items!! 

All pink weekend!!!! 


white and pink flower cross dress: The dress was very short!! So I recommend a nude slip underneath!! The dress fit very small so I recommended going up 2 sizes. I love this dress but it is a princess sitting dress not a party girl dancing dress!
Rhine Stone Pumps: My princess pumps!! They are so comfortable and the perfect shoes for a birthday or special event!!

Dress: Pink and white cross dress,, $40, size 18
Shoes: nude and silver, Steve Madden, $200

All pink brunch:

Low cut hot pink dress with embleshment sleeves-- The tie in the back gives it a nice finishing touch. Although, this dress is not plus size, it is from a boutique in soho. It stretches enough and is very flattering 
Cross tie shoes-- these shoes are perfect for the spring or summer. The color is bright and they are comfortable. They are good for a fun night out, not for a lot of walking. 

Pink embleshment dress: mystique boutique, $50, size large. 
Cross tie shoes:hot pink, Lola shoetique, $45, size 8.5

The finale
I saved the best for last!!! 

My birthday I wore the cutest princess skater dress!! I was blessed by a very creative talented friend of mine that took a dress idea I had and made it into a reality!! Sirene designs and creates beautiful pieces!! I highly recommend her!! You can check out her Instagram. 

& I leave you with this...
Birthdays are the sooo important. I always make a big deal about them!! 

"Don't just count the years, let the years count"


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