Rainy Day Blues

Hey! So before I get Jolly and Holiday Crazy and the fall turns into a Winter Wonderland, I wanted to share a quick fall post. 

The rain and I have a love/hate relationship. In the warmer seasons, I hate the rain! It's almost impossible to look cute and the rain makes me feel icky and sticky!! BUT in the best season of all, "THE FALL" the rain and I get along better! Rain boots and rain coats are so cute!!! Expecially because there is so much variety of colors and types. 

My rainy day blues:

Black Bandage and Sheer pants-- Forever 21, size large. $19.99

Waterfall Parka-- ASOS.com, size 14. $117

Black Sweatshirt Cape with Gold Zipper--
Urban CoCo on Amazon Prime. $21.60

Black Boots-- Leila Stone, Shoe Dazzle $39 

The Black Bandage Pants- these pants are literally perfect for different occasions. Today I wore them for a rainy day date, but they can be good for a workout, or you can dress them up for a bar night. They are warm enough to wear in the fall and the sheer part makes them edgy. They are comfortable and the sheer is thick enough not to break!! 

The Waterfall Parka Jacket-   I have looked everywhere for a perfect Parka jacket. For plus size women it is really hard to find a nice one because they are supposed to be baggy and most only go up to a 10 or large. This waterfall Parka is so stylish because it zippers from the side and the hood is stylish on and off. I love the greish blue, because it can be a day or night jacket. It looks puffy because I realized I had a lot of things in my pockets lol don't mind that!! 

Black Sweatshirt Cape-   I love this hoodie because it is stylish and nice enough to dress up. I am a girly girl but I wanted to wear a hoodie, so I found this nice cape sweatshirt to wear. I love the gold zipper because it makes it unique and I can wear gold jewelry with it. I love buying clothes from small companies that sell on Amazon because they make only a few pieces and amazing prime ships fast. 

Black Boots-- These boots are not designed for the rain normally, but I love wearing them in the rain because they are pat and leather so the rain falls right off of them. I also love that they already have a wet look to them. I love buying shoes and boots from shoe dazzle because I can get from different designers all from one website. 

And I leave you with this....

"And when it rains on your parade, look up rather than down. Without the rain, there would be no rainbow." 

--Loralyee 👸🏼👸🏼

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