My Summer Survivor Necessities

Summer is my least favorite season! I hate sweating and i cant stand the feeling of being hot!

For a long time, i would hibernate in the summer and hide home until it got cooler. I realized that life is too short to put my life on hold for a whole season. I have found tricks and necessities to survive a Summer especially in NYC

Here are my top 10 tricks and necessities:

1) Take a day trip-
Go to a water park in the area. It is a great way to have fun and stay cool. 
In the NY area i would recommend the following:

Splish Splash Water Park
Hurricane Harbor
Wet and Wild
The Beast Speed Boat Ride
Sojo Spa in New Jersey

2) Cooling Portable fan- A portable fan can be very helpful on hot days. Amazon has a lot of great options to chose from. 

This one charges with a USB from your phone, has 3 speeds and can spray water. 

3) Anti Chafing solutions

Chafing is so horrible for women in the summer. It stops us from walking around and can be very painful. Mega Babe is a Anti Chafing Stick that really works!!! I do not leave the house without using it!! 

Another fashionable option is Bandelettes. They are Thigh Bands that are designed to stay put and provide protection against chafing. They come in different colors and sizes! i love my nude ones because i can wear them under dresses all summer long!

4) Weekend escapes-

Traveling during the summer is my favorite thing to do. I like to go to tropical beaches and pools to relax. I would rather be in the Caribbean at 90 then to be in hot NY.  Traveling somewhere for the weekend can distract your mind and help you relax. One of the main reasons i get through the summer i because i am able to get away and have a change of scenery for a while. Stay tuned for my favorite weekend getaways!!

5) Weekly Movies- My Husband and i love going to the movies. It's our thing! Every Saturday morning we catch a movie at our movie theater. There's comfortable love seats and since its the morning, it is half priced tickets. Support your favorite actors and enjoy a movie on the big screen!!

6)Via- Via cab ride is $5 a ride. They also have unlimited weekly ride for $63. Trains in NYC are a headache! it is Way to hot on the platform and the trains are too crowded. Taking a cab for $5 can make your day easier and more relaxing. I use VIA Everyday!! USE MY CODE lori6s8 for two free rides!!!!

7) Changing 3 times a day-- Changing 3 times a day gives you the opportunity to feel refreshed. I keep a change of clothes with me everywhere i go! There's something about wearing fresh clothes that makes me feel more comfortable

8) Making plans places with air conditioner-  You can still enjoy the summer indoors. Pick places that are comfortable, where you can enjoy your friends and still be happy. 

Try Minus5 Ice Experience. You can still have fun with your friends and feel cool while doing it!

9) Pick a new ice cream place to try every weekend- I got this good idea from my sister and good friend Ruth. NY has so many ice cream and frozen yogurt shops. If you google ice cream in your zip code you will find some amazing options. 

Some of my favorites are:

Check out this Eater article with more options

10)  Tinted Moisturizer- I use a moisturizer to keep a even tan and i love it!

I don't tan in the summer. If i go to the beach i like to go in the water, i am not the kind of person who lays for hours waiting for a tan. 

Octoly has gifted me Jerkins Natural Glow Wet Skin Moisturizer. It helps my skin stay hydrated as well as help me keep a natural tan all summer long. The best part about it is that you can put it on right after the shower. The mixture of the wet skin can help spread it evenly. 

Stay busy! 

The summer is hard for me because i used to count down the days until September. If i stay busy and plan something every weekend the time goes by faster. Hit up your friends you have been too busy to see.  Try to plan something exciting to do at least once a week! Enjoy your life! Don't let a hot season stop you from living! 

Girls its hot! Where whatever the hell you want!!! If it is 100 degrees don't go outside in jeans and a sweater because you are scared of what people will think! you look good in a dress believe me!! Find a pair of shorts or a romper that makes you comfortable and rock it!!!!  You will see me wearing the least amount of clothes possible.. and i dare people to stare!!!

Enjoy the summer Ladies and Gents!


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